Are you an ad network?

No, we are a service that specializes in buying and managing digital campaigns targeting Asians living in the United States, including Chinese, Indian, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Japanese, Pakistani, Persian and Arab.

How is working with AMG better than working with DSPs?

Our direct-buying of high-performance inventory lets AMG provide total transparency, an unmatched degree of quality control and industry-leading conversion rates. Rather than delivering remnant impressions to blind networks like DSPs, AMG delivers premium impressions to a custom sitelist approved by the client in consultation with our seasoned digital media strategists.

Thanks to our close working relationships with publishers’ ops teams, AMG can buy the most cost-effective high performance and native units across all Asian segments.  That is how we routinely achieve conversion rates that are 3 – 5 times higher than can be achieved by direct buys and upwards of 5 – 10 times higher than so-called data-driven programmatic.

How is AMG better than publisher direct?

Primarily two ways: scale and 24/7 quality-assurance.

Our partnerships with dozens of leading Asian news sites let us deliver an affluent, fast-growing, top-metro-centered audience whose collective U.S. buying power is about 5 times that of the New York Times — or to any specified segment of that audience.

Not even the largest Asian publisher has access to a fraction of our scale.

AMG’s ops team operates 24/7 to enforce premium placement and highest-performing units on each site. Our continuous optimization process shifts impressions among sites for the best possible results for each campaign — a procedure not possible with publisher direct buys.

How is AMG better than programmatic buying?

Programmatic buying purports to use algorithms to replace media strategists who have knowledge of individual websites and audiences gained through years of campaign experience. But algorithms rely on keywords input by people with little working knowledge of the sites they purport to describe, especially in the Asian segment.

Worse yet, programmatic buys are entirely at the mercy of network tag placements made by countless unseen publishers and pseudo-publishers/fraudsters shielded from scrutiny by multiple layers of networks, exchanges and DSPs.

In short, programmatic buys are built on quicksand, providing zero control and accountability — and all too frequently producing unpleasant surprises.

That’s why programmatic buys produce 28% or less (generally far less!) of the response delivered by AMG on a dollar-per-dollar basis.

Programmatic buying consistently costs more on an ROI basis than AMG’s consultative buying and management service, especially when one considers the hours that programmatic buying demands of advertisers’ media teams.

What other advantages does AMG offer?

The most important advantage is AMG’s ability to deliver the sweet spot of the target segment — the consumers with the means to buy and the status to influence others in their community. This influence is crucial for brands seeking to achieve the peer approval quotient that drives buying decisions for everything from autos to homes to travel destinations to electronics, especially among Asian ethnic segments.

AMG can deliver the sweet spot because our 35 years of experience give us intimate knowledge of Asian media favored by the affluent and the influential. Our long working relationships with the most important publishers ensures that we can deliver using placements that produce the best attention quality and conversions on each site.

The sweet spot can’t be targeted with network buys scattered across myriad nameless sites. Such sites simply don’t register with a community’s influentials. Imagine a mainstream advertiser trying to drive brand or product perception with buys scattered across thousands of nameless sites, apps and invalid inventory sources instead of respected media like The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal or Fortune! Their Asian equivalents are AMG’s bread and butter.

How does AMG ensure the best possible ROI?

AMG’s cost-efficient results are the product of our unmatched experience with the Asian media and their audiences, our scale and purchasing power, 24/7 quality enforcement and optimization, and where appropriate, smart use of high-impact units that outperform standard units on an ROI basis, often by multiples.

For more details of the many ways AMG works to ensure the best possible performance for your campaign, contact us!