Asian Media Group delivers
precise targeting to 22 million
U.S. ethnic consumers.



In an age when programmatic has become a haven for opportunists who exploit the lack of accountability of blind network buys, AMG has stood firm in buying directly from known, respected publishers, demanding ATF placements and enforcing quality with 24/7 monitoring and optimization.  That’s why our delivery has become the gold standard for premium, ethnic targeting.


Years of building working relationships with respected publishers who adhere to our quality standards has grown AMG’s premium ethnic inventory to a scale unmatched by any network or DSP.  We can meet the demands of the most granular campaigns without compromising geotargeting or ethnic targeting.


We never forget that the goal of every campaign is market impact and low-funnel activity.  AMG’s custom sitelists, 24/7 quality assurance and optimization focus on delivering maximum viewability on sites that command the sweet spot of each ethnic segment.   We also make smart use of high-impact units that cut through the banner blindness produced by network clutter.


Our specialized focus and long experience has given AMG unparalleled knowledge of the audience characteristics of each major Asian website as well as a detailed knowledge of each Asian population segment and their geographical distribution. Most importantly, our QA team’s daily interaction with publishers’ ops teams lets us ensure optimal placement and delivery for each campaign.

Our long market experience and digital media savvy are focused on delivering the demographic sweet spot for each campaign.